All Onboard Workshop

All Onboard: How to Effectively Communicate Your New Onboarding Story to the World

November 19th | 09:45- 10:30

Developing an amazing onboarding experience is one thing, and it will transform your employees into
your brand ambassadors. But what role can HR, and specifically onboarding, play for your marketing and
public outreach?

In this workshop the Talmundo Customer Success team will demonstrate how to launch your onboarding
programs within your company and to the wider world. We expect everybody to be ‘on board’ but often
only HR personnel, direct collaborators and onboardees are exposed to it. So, time for a change!

We look at several best practice examples from companies that have launched their programs in an
original way, leveraging their hard-work to go beyond mere onboarding and become a key part of their
companies branding and marketing strategy.


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About the Talmundo Customer Success Team

The Talmundo Customer Success Team are the driving force that guarantees our product truly reflects the needs of its users.

They are responsible for ensuring that our customer’s feedback is heard.

The team possesses a wealth of best practice knowledge built from countless real-world examples and they are here to help you tackle your new hire woes!


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