Culture Crush Workshop

Culture Crush: Building an Onboarding Culture Throughout Your Organisation

November 19th | 16:00 – 16:45

Creating an authentic company culture starts with onboarding, not only for your onboardees but for all
stakeholders involved. In this workshop the Talmundo Customer Success team will walk you through best
practices on how to get buy-in on your new hire journey from all team members.

We’ll be looking into the different use cases such as buddy programs, mentoring opportunities, and job
shadowing, as well as exploring how automation and digitization can help streamline these programs,
and finally, what performance indicators can be used to deliver more value within the company.

Building the framework for a world-class onboarding experience will transform the people you have
today, into the ambassadors of tomorrow.

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About the Talmundo Customer Success Team

The Talmundo Customer Success Team are the driving force that guarantees our product truly reflects the needs of its users.

They are responsible for ensuring that our customer’s feedback is heard.

The team possesses a wealth of best practice knowledge built from countless real-world examples and they are here to help you tackle your new hire woes!


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