Outside the Box Workshop

Outside the Box: Storytelling and Content Creation Hacks Anyone Can Do

November 20th | 09:00- 09:45

We’ve all spent the first days of a new job up to our neck in orientation paperwork and powerpoint slides. Not the most inspiring start, right?

In this workshop the Talmundo Customer Success team will teach you how to craft an onboarding journey that delivers content centered around what your new recruit needs from YOU, not just what HR
needs from THEM.

We’ll delve into our tried and tested content creation hacks to deliver an engaging experience that will
have your new recruits fired up on the first day, not bored out of their minds. Which content pieces are
most successful? How do you foster engagement and gather feedback from your employees?

Aside from company presentation and practical job info, think outside of the box, what is the MOST relevant piece of knowledge you wish you had when you started your current job?


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About the Talmundo Customer Success Team

The Talmundo Customer Success Team are the driving force that guarantees our product truly reflects the needs of its users.

They are responsible for ensuring that our customer’s feedback is heard.

The team possesses a wealth of best practice knowledge built from countless real-world examples and they are here to help you tackle your new hire woes!


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