Ten things to do in Nice_

Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, there is certainly no shortage of things to do in Nice. Here’s a short list of things (in no particular order) that you might want to check out during your stay at The HR Congress this November!

Local food and wine tours | It should come as no surprise food is an essential part of your time in Nice, as the city has a large selection of formal and informal tours of markets, restaurants, and local culinary specialties available. There are too many options to list here, though we would recommend checking out anything that involves regional wine, truffles, fresh seafood, and as much cheese as you can take.

Nice Old Town

Vieille Ville (Nice Old Town) | Europeans will be accustomed to the sight of old towns, as they aren’t exactly rare. Yet, it’s hard to deny the appeal of walking down ancient streets adorned with beautiful buildings and regional architecture. Nice is certainly no different. Strolling around the old town, taking time to enjoy a coffee and local delicacies is more than a passable way to spend a day – especially if that characteristic Mediterranean sun comes out to play.

Matisse Museum

Musée Matisse (Matisse Museum) | The Musée Matisse is a municipal museum dedicated to the French Painter Henri Matisse, who lived in the city from 1917-1954. The collection is made up of a variety of works that span his entire life and is surely a must-see for anyone interested in Fauvism, Modernism, and the history of modern French art.

French Riviera Cruise and Sightseeing | What would be a trip to the Riviera without exploring the oceanic hinterland around Nice? There’s certainly no shortage of tours or ways to experience the Riviera, so (weather permitting), it’s a great way to experience the beauty and grandeur of the region from a different perspective. Tours can range from one hour in duration upwards and can be booked in advance.

Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais (Promenade of the English) | Running along the Baie des Anges (Bay of the Angels), the primary coastal promenade of Nice is a great place to stroll and enjoy the sun and sea breeze of the Mediterranean. It is named after the many wealthy English people who would visit the location during the 18th century to enjoy the environment. A promenade was eventually built along the coastline, and features a number of sights, including the famous Hotel Negresco.

Place Masséna (Masséna Square) | The Place Masséna is the main square of Nice and is bordered by beautiful buildings constructed in an Italian style of architecture. The square is only a few minutes from the Promenade des Anglais and is a frequent meeting place, transport hub, site for cultural events, and public celebrations. It is one of several squares in the city including; Place Garibaldi, Place Rossetti, and Cours Saleya.

Castle Hill of Nice

Castle Hill of Nice | The Castle, which was built on top of a hill overlooking Nice from the 11th to 18th centuries, features a public garden and numerous places to sight-see over Nice, the harbour, and the old town. There are guided tours available.

Marc Chagall National Museum | Also known as the Musée national message biblique Marc Chagall (National Museum Marc Chagall Biblical Message), is dedicated to the life and work of the painter and artist Marc Chagall. It is especially inspired by his work on religion. It features a diverse selection of his art, arranged in a layout directed by Chagall, including many of his paintings, stained glass windows, and ceramic pieces.

Nice Opera

Opéra de Nice (Nice Opera) | Originally constructed in 1826, based on an existing structure that has dated from 1776, the Nice Opera has had a storied history. It has hosted Kings, various heads of state, and productions of many famous operas with noted musical directors. It currently houses the Ballet Nice Méditerrannée and the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra.

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