Unconference Discussion Groups

20th November, 13:45-14:45

Onboarding Summit delegates are invited to participate in these highly interactive and in-depth, peer-led discussions over the course of the congress. The aim is to collaborate and share best practice with peers in two key areas of interest to the HR practitioners.

What’s the big idea?

The UNCONFERENCE session is a discussion among people who share an interest in a topic. The Onboarding Summit schedule includes Unconference sessions, giving you the opportunity to find and engage with other attendees who share your passion about a subject area. Several sessions will be held concurrently. You’re free to move among the sessions to find the conversation that is right for you.

It’s a discussion, not a presentation

The Unconference session is an open, face-to-face conversation with fellow conference goers. It is not a presentation or lecture. There is no projector, there are no slides. This is all about direct exchange, interchange, and exploration of ideas. For many people, especially public speakers and thought leaders, it is hard to break out of the framework of lecturing. You are used to presenting material and answering questions.

This is different.

Each session has a facilitator who gets the discussion started and keeps it moving around the group. The convener is often the person who originally proposed the session, but it need not be so. Some folk like to team up and have a few conveners, and that can create a nice dynamic, too. The convener is not the person with all the answers (or all the questions). Asking questions, offering answers, and sharing opinions is everyone’s job.

Law of two feet

If you find yourself in a session where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet to go to another session. Sometimes conversations go in directions that may stray away from our own interests. No one will hold it against you if you move on to another session. You are free to move about to make the most of your time.

Ideas For Discussion Group Topics



Building an onboarding program – the first 100 days

Like any new project, building a new onboarding program for your organization is a detailed and potentially quite complex undertaking. Join this group to learn more about how to approach the first 100 days of constructing your new onboarding program, the targets to aim for, and some pit falls to avoid.


How to reduce turnover & improve retention via onboarding

When an organization has an effective onboarding system in place, it dramatically reduces the potential for not only quick turnover but increases long term employee retention. Join this discussion group to learn more about the methods and ideas that will help you to keep your talented hires long after the onboarding program has concluded


Improving the candidate experience, and how to link it to EX

LOnboarding begins with the candidate experience, long before potential hires join your organization. A great, effective, and human candidate experience not only signifies to new hires that your organization is on top of its game, but even helps develop your employer brand. Join this discussion group to learn more about how to do this


Making onboarding a part of your employer brand

Every organization today is much more public, visible, and in many cases, transparent than ever before, and this is also true for the employer brand. A great onboarding program can therefore be a useful addition to your brand as it is the first place new hires see your environment at work. Join this discussion group to learn more about how to get your branding on point.


The importance of milestones for new hire learning and development

Successful onboarding programs provide milestones and active feedback to new hires as they progress and learn more within the organization. Join this discussion group to learn about how to develop an onboarding system that builds appropriate learning targets into its design.


Onboarding in the talent

At a time when competition for talent (and specific skills) is as tough as ever before, it’s not surprising that an effective onboarding system is a desired part of HR’s new toolkit to attract, retain, and nurture talented hires. Join this discussion group to learn more about how onboarding is evolving in today’s complex market.


Redesigning your existing onboarding practices

Have an onboarding program but want to re-design or replace it? Don’t know where to get started? Come and join this discussion group to learn more about how to upgrade your existing programs to get the best results available.


How to onboard talent with leadership potential

A great onboarding program is customizable for unique talent and personal strengths, but when it comes to potential leaders, a nurturing system is even more crucial. Join this discussion group to learn more about how to ensure your onboarding assists in developing, nurturing (and even identifying) potential business leaders.


All about onboarding, digital, AI, and people analytics

As onboarding becomes increasingly digitized, it provides another useful means to capture and analyze all manner of data. Join this discussion group to learn more about how to integrate people analytics, digital reporting, and even AI into an effective onboarding platform that benefits both employees and the business.

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